Distribution Opportunities

Distribution Opportunities

What we do:

ActiPatch Pain Relief TherapyBioElectronics Corporation develops, manufactures, markets and sells highly efficacious, cost/beneficial, and safe medical devices for chronic pain. These competitively priced analgesics provide superior pain relief compared to hot or cold therapies, and common high-risk pain medications. Globally, we are developing strong OTC brands that reflect a new profound market segment of products for the back, knee, and other musculoskeletal problems as well as menstrual pain.

Clinically established, the wafer-thin, easy-to-wear, patented, drug-free, devices reduce pain, inflammation and accelerate healing. The Company’s technology platform is a pipeline of new product opportunities. In 2009, BioElectronics received a “Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award.” In 2013, our ActiPatch® product was cited for “Most Innovative New OTC Product” runner up award from the OTC Bulletin, a leading UK-based Healthcare Marketing Publication.

What we offer:
  • Breakthrough topical pain relief medical device products that are clinically proven, patented and doctor recommended.
  • Top quality products accompanied by international certificates such as Health Canada, CE, NEMKO and many other certifications.
  • A 3-year pipeline of new products for treatment of sports injuries, bone fractures, chronic injuries, chronic wounds, skin conditions, arthritis and post-operative care.
  • Top quality sales & marketing support including training of sales representatives.


BioElectronics Pain Relief Products


What makes our products so great?
  • 5x better pain relief and 100% safer than drug therapy
  • Six published refereed medical journal studies. On-going medical research at Tufts Medical and Dental School; University of Chicago Medical School; University of British Columbia; University Hospital Ghent, Belgium; University Hospital G. Martin, Messina, Italy and University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.
  • Innovative award-winning technology that solves the source of pain instead of masking the pain – Wall Street Journal “Medical Innovation Award” and the OTC Bulletin “Most Innovative New OTC Product” runner up award.
  • Comprehensive clinical support
  • Unique Bio-Dynamic dual mechanism of action that includes both heat and electric stimulation
  • Very significant cost/benefit
  • Strong intellectual property – patents protecting both the product design and the pulse signature
  • High reorder rate and numerous positive testimonials – see what people are saying!


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What we expect from distributors:

To remain as an exclusive distributor, you are required to sell certain amounts of products based on the size of your market and territory. We will discuss and finalize a Distributorship Agreement with you. Distributors will be responsible for translating product literature to the local language, managing product registrations, and holding and managing inventory locally.

Distributor Responsibility:

Top quality market penetration in your region.  Top quality product presentation including participation in local medical trade fairs and orthopedic doctors’ conferences.  Top quality sales force, regularly visiting customers in your market.

Tell us more!

We would love to hear more about your company and why you are interested in becoming a distributor!

Please send us an email with the following information for consideration:

  • Your organization, specifying sales force, markets supplied and actively covered.
  • What kind of products does your organization currently market and distribute?
  • What are your key sales channels?
  • Market size?
  • Information on brands sold in your market and the retail prices are required.


Please send information to info@bielcorp.com