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BioElectronics Corporation (OTC Pink: BIEL) develops, manufactures, markets and sells highly efficacious, cost/beneficial, and safe medical devices for chronic pain. These competitively priced analgesics provide superior pain relief compared to hot or cold therapies, and common high-risk pain medications. Globally, we are developing strong OTC brands that reflect a new profound market segment of products for the back, knee, other musculoskeletal problems as well as menstrual pain.

Clinically established, the wafer-thin, easy-to-wear, patented, drug-free, devices reduce pain, inflammation and accelerate healing. The Company’s technology platform is a pipeline of new product opportunities. In 2009, BioElectronics received a “Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award.”

The dermal patch delivery system creates a multitude of new product opportunities for chronic and acute inflammatory conditions. The market potential is estimated at $10 billion or 400 million incidents worldwide. The distinctive value proposition of ActiPatch is the delivery of drug-free therapy that reduces pain and inflammation and accelerates healing by 30% to 50% when compared with the present standard methods of patient care. The current major applications are:

Medical Surgeries

  • Chronic Wounds
  • Oral Surgeries
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Chronic Repetitive Stress Injuries, Heel Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Bursitis, etc.


Below is a list of the Company’s accomplishments to date.

  • United States Food and Drug Administration market clearance for the treatment of edema following blepharoplasty.
  • Canadian market approval for relief of pain in musculoskeletal complaints and menstrual relief in both medical and over-the-counter markets.
  • CE Mark (European Common Market) Certification for the medical and retail over-the-counter markets.
  • ISO Certification
  • Sold over 500,000 units around the world in 55+ countries.
  • A solid intellectual property portfolio covering both the product design, the pulse signature and therapies.
  • A 3-year pipeline of new products for treatment of sports injuries, bone fractures, chronic injuries, chronic wounds, skin conditions, arthritis and post-operative care.
  • Six published refereed medical journal studies. On-going medical research at Tufts Medical and Dental School; University of Chicago Medical School; University of British Columbia; University Hospital Ghent, Belgium; University Hospital G. Martin, Messina, Italy and University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.
  • Chosen as “One of 9 Medical Breakthroughs That May Change Your Life” by
  • Awarded the 2009 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation medical devices runner up award.
  • Cited for “Most Innovative New OTC Product” runner up award from the OTC Bulletin, a leading UK-based Healthcare Marketing Publication.


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