Clinical Evidence

BioElectronics medical devices have been used in a series of high quality clinical trials many of which have been peer reviewed and published in high quality medical journals including, Rheumatology, Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Aesthetics of Plastic Surgery and Pain Management.

We are also currently undertaking a significant number of new clinical trials to further develop the medical application and bring attention to our medical products.  These clinical trials are being undertaken in respected universities and research hospitals by experienced and well published clinical researchers from around the world.

Please see the BioElectronics Clinical Overview document for a review of these studies or for access to the publications and unpublished studies visit the clinical research pages listed below.

BioElectronics Corporation Mechanism of Action & Clinical Evidence

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BioElectronics Clinical Studies: ActiPatch Healthcare Cost Study

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BioElectronics Clinical Studies: Cell Studies

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BioElectronics Clinical Studies: Musculoskeletal Pain

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BioElectronics Clinical Studies: Menstrual Pain

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BioElectronics Clinical Studies: Postoperative Pain & Edema

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BioElectronics Clinical Studies: Chronic Wounds

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BioElectronics Clinical Studies: 6 Month Observational Study

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BioElectronics Clinical Studies: Registry Study Supplemental Data

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Published Clinical Literature

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Ongoing Clinical Trials

  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Migraine Study
  • ActiPatch Cost Study
  • ActiPatch Central Sensitization Therapy
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Caesarian Section (C-Section)
  • Overactive Bladder/ Pelvic Pain

Published Magazine/ News Articles

October 2018: Effective Electroceuticals


We welcome contacts from the medical community regarding interest from investigators who wish to research basic science or clinical  applications of our medical devices, have ideas for improved product application or questions on our products. Please contact Ian Rawe, Director of Clinical Research at