Real stories from ActiPatch users who tell us how they use the product and how it has improved their quality of life. BioElectronics is very proud to be such a big part of so many lives.


ActiPatch® Life Changing Pain Relief

Actual Reviews from Boots UK

“I wore ActiPatch for a week and during that time I had no need for any painkiller medications.”
Tracy Firth
Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK

“My ActiPatch arrived on Tuesday afternoon I started using it straight away and kept it on all night. I slept well and was amazed by the reduction of pain in my lower back. I suffer from severe arthritis in my lower and upper spine, neck and other joints. I have inflammatory disease of the spine and severe sciatica. I have to use a wheelchair for getting around, so any relief from pain is wonderful, I will continue using ActiPatch and recommend it to anyone with arthritic pain.”
Pamela Orchard
United Kingdom

“I was in agony for months with back pain and I tried so many tablets but nothing worked. I got an ActiPatch and I wear it 24/7. I can’t believe how the pain has gone away! I even sleep better. I highly recommend ActiPatch.”
Linda Nurthen
Rothwell, Northamptonshire, UK


“I have used the ActiPatch for back pain. It is like a miracle. The amount of pain I am free of is amazing. ActiPatch is worth every bit of £19.99”
Beatty Clough
Hetton Le Hole, UK

“I have cervical dystonia and have had it for a number of years. As a result of the unnatural position my head and neck are held in by the continual spasm the other side of my neck and shoulder are giving me extreme pain. I was just about to give in and go for the Botox injections, which are the only treatment for my condition along with muscle relaxants which make me extremely drowsy. I have tried the ActiPatch for two evenings and am thrilled with the result. The pain is subsiding on the side of my neck which does not have the dystonia making it possible for me to get some mobility back and I have now postponed the injections which can have very serious side effects. I am going to continue with the ActiPatch and am so relieved that it is available at such a reasonable price.”
Elaine King
United Kingdom

“I used ActiPatch on my knees. For the first time in years I went shopping with my wife and I didn’t have to find a seat because my knees were hurting too much. I have suffered for a few years and have taken every painkiller on the market, including prescriptions from the doctor. I would recommend ActiPatch to anyone. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose but your pain!”
Tom Dundon
Darlington, County Durham
United Kingdom

“Finally able to use my tools and put scooter back together….was too painful before I had ActiPatch…now I’m raring to go!!!!!”
Tony Scott
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

“I suffer with fibromyalgia and suffer with mainly back, hip and shoulder pain. Since last October I have had constant pain in my shoulder that radiated down my arm. No painkiller helped to ease it at all until I came across ActiPatch. I wore it for 2 weeks day and night and it actually worked. If you’re a fibromyalgia suffer get one and try it.”
Louisa Drumm
United Kingdom

“I purchased the Muscle & Joint Pain ActiPatch and the Back Pain ActiPatch and have found them really helpful in my pain management. I suffer with osteoarthritis in my neck and lower spine, sciatica, I have nerve damage in my lower spine, prolapsed disc, degenerative bone disease, in fact just a lot of damage to my lower spine, Osteoarthritis in my knees and now hands and I also have Fibromyalgia. I walk with crutches, am on heavy medication and have a TENS machine from my Pain Management Physio. I have been using my ActiPatch on my lower back and the Muscle & Joint one on my neck as they are the most painful all the time. As I live with constant chronic pain, I will try anything to ease the pain and I have to say that I was skeptical when I first saw these little wire items, so light and small, how could they work? But I’ve been amazed that they have made a difference and now use them all the time as they really help! There is no pain and no sticky pads and electrodes and bulky power pack of the TENS machine. ActiPatch can be worn unobtrusively, they weigh virtually nothing and you can wear them ALL the time (obviously not in the shower/bath though!). To anyone that lives with pain, I’d really recommend trying these. Previously I was buying the Heat Wraps at £5 for 2 to help ease my back that last a day each. ActiPatch lasts 720 hours!! I’ll definitely be replacing mine when it runs out!”
Justyne Tabram
United Kingdom

“ActiPatch truly does work. By my second day of use, I was virtually pain free. This is well worth the price… Try it for yourself and see. I was very sceptical, but I am loving it … I suffer from fibromyalgia and feel great and will definitely buy more when needed.”
Anna Maria Alexis Ball
Gloucester, Gloucestershire
United Kingdom

“Oh I love my ActiPatch. I have only had it for 2 days but oh boy it’s great!”
Sharon Stevenson
United Kingdom

“I used ActiPatch and it relieved my pain and allowed me a good night’s sleep.”
Mandy Galloway
Glastonbury Somerset, UK

“When I was 20 I dislocated my right knee ,had 8 operations on it including the cruciate ligament reconstructed, after that I had a hernia operation and then a double preloaded disc in my upper neck, I then found out I had inflammatory arthritis which effects all my joints. I’m currently waiting for steroid injections into my discs in my lower back and if successfully they are going to cortourise the nerve endings. The ActiPatch has helped the nerve problems in my back quite a bit and this means less pain killers!”
Geoff Oldham
Haydon Bridge, Northumberland, UK

“I wore ActiPatch today, what a difference! I have fibromyalgia, I managed about eight hours without pain and was able to miss out a dose of my pain killers throughout the day.”
Pauline Andrulis-Marchbank
United Kingdom

“I have suffered from CFS for many years and have recently had a flare causing pain in my muscles and joints, predominantly in my back. I tried the ActiPatch with some scepticism, however the patch really does work. I have tried in on several areas of my back as the pain moves:- shoulder, mid back, lower back and hip. It has worked every time giving me pain free sleep for nights in a row which is amazing and also pain free days. I have used it whilst ironing as this always causes lower back pain, and ta-da no pain! I highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers with muscular and joint pain.”
Melanie Poxom
United Kingdom

“I was sceptical but after 3 weeks of use on my fused back (with disc above now herniated) and osteoarthritis of my spine and hips, I am off the morphine. I continue in my role of care worker which involves heavy manual handling. At 50 I’ve more movement and less pain than I’ve had in months. I would recommend ActiPatch to anyone suffering with pain.”
Hazel Edwards
United Kingdom

“I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and have used ActiPatch for pain relief. They are fabulous, worth double the price!”
Shirley-Anne Frieslick
Aberdeen, Scotland

“ActiPatch worked brilliantly for me. I’ve tried everything over the past 15 years and can honestly say for the first time I am waking up pain free. Beats handfuls of tablets!”
Terri White Oldacre
Stockport, Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

“I used ActiPatch for disc protrusion and sciatica. I felt less pain after 3 hours and am almost painless after a week. Time to get my life back.”
Imy Johnston
United Kingdom

“I have sciatica, nerve damage and MS and ActiPatch really relieves my pain. ActiPatch is so much better than a TENS machine and far easier to use.”
Louise Perberdy
United Kingdom

“I got my ActiPatch last Saturday. By Sunday morning I was genuinely amazed how much my back pain had improved. I plan to get a knee one for my mother. A friend has already ordered one after hearing how much it helped me.”Melanie Tyler

Helston, Cornwall

United Kingdom

“I have fibromyalgia and back pain and have been using the ActiPatch for days and am flabbergasted as to the difference for me. I have not needed any painkillers since I started using ActiPatch.”Sandie Winter

Margate, Kent

United Kingdom

“I was very sceptical about any possible benefits of ActiPatch but as I am in such constant pain that I have spent an embarrassing amount of time laid up in bed in total agony, unable to even get to our en suite without help. But after putting my ActiPatch on in the evening when I was in a state of total agony to the point of being in tears, after a couple of hours I fell asleep. ….and had the best night’s sleep I’ve had for years! The next day I only had to take 1 dose of oral morphine and I felt more like me than I have done in a very long time.I suffer from shattered discs in my lower back, I have had a fusion operation, I also have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and asthma. I am on a variety of different prescribed medications and have been for far too long in my opinion. However after using the ActiPatch I am delighted to be more mobile and taking less medication. Ok it’s not a huge amount less at the moment but this is only day 4 of wearing the ActiPatch which is very unobtrusive and most of the time I am unaware that I’m wearing it…apart from the benefits. I wholeheartedly recommend that if you are in pain take the leap of faith. You have nothing to lose only your pain.”

Kay Hiett-Powell

United Kingdom

“I got an ActiPatch on Saturday, put it on my lower back at 12 noon and by lunchtime Sunday I felt pain free in my back…this ActiPatch is amazing and I will be getting more and some for my knees…love it.”Angie Grigg

United Kingdom


“I have had Raynaud’s disease for a number of years, the pain on return of blood flow after an attack is horrendous. Painkillers are unsafe and after a sever reaction to prescribed medication which could have been fatal, I decided to try alternative sources.After sourcing the direct central pain which seemed to be around my left shoulder and neck, I placed the wire on the area surface. I did not expect the ActiPatch to work at all but purchased the product as an alternative to medication, which any pain sufferer will tell you, do not work anyway merely numb pain.

The difference was remarkable the scientific mechanics of this product are in my opinion better than any medication I have been on in over 20 years. The ActiPatch actually works you don’t have to take my word for it, but you will not need another tablet ever again!”

Nicci Harrison

United Kingdom

“The ActiPatch really does work!”Veronica Gunn

United Kingdom

“I fractured two vertebrae in my back. I bought ActiPatch at Boots and put it on, within an hour the pain was much reduced. I have not taken any pain medication since I put the ActiPatch on.”Deb Evans

Holyhead United Kingdom

“ActiPatch is just brilliant. It is the only thing that has taken my chronic shoulder pain away.”Pauline Levi-Tilley

United Kingdom

“I have been using ActiPatch for over a month and it is fantastic! Much better than a TENS machine and easier to use, too! ActiPatch really works!”Gloria Loney

London, UK

“I’m waiting for a hip replacement, and in the past 9 months I’ve had to have morphine patches, oral morphine – you name it I’ve had it. I’ve spent four months in bed because I couldn’t walk or move. Today I tried ActiPatch…and maybe I can go out tomorrow because it has made me feel like a new woman. What can I say….it is brilliant.”Vanessa Anthony

United Kingdom

“I got a sample ActiPatch and in 3 days I had made the order for the full product from Boots. I LOVE IT!!! (wide spread pain due to fibro , acl/pcl damage left leg ..sciatica.. and pelvic nerve damage). I use my ActiPatch at the bottom of my spine and it’s improved my life 10 fold.”Linda Haldenby

Haldenby, Cleckheaton

United Kingdom

“I bought ActiPatch at Boots as I had so much hip and back pain and physio wasn’t helping. The ActiPatch really does work. Money well spent. I’m a happy bunny!”Catriona McDiarmid

United Kingdom

“I have been wearing my ActiPatch for 5 days now. I can’t believe how effective it has been. I have placed it on my worst area and have been able to reduce the amount of pain meds I take considerably. I have never had so little pain in many years. Thank you ActiPatch!!”Thelma Hunt


United Kingdom

“I have fibromyalgia and nerve damage. I use two ActiPatch’s and they are a life saver. Even when my pain is at the worst, I use ActiPatch constantly for a couple of days and feel like a new person.”Carole McStein


United Kingdom

“I have been wearing my ActiPatch and just couldn’t do without it as it has eased the pain in my back. Well worth the £20 “Annette Geary

United Kingdom

“Ordered the free sample ActiPatch Saturday and it arrived today. However my back pain was so severe, I bought an ActiPatch from Boots on Sunday and started wearing it immediately since which time have not had one painkiller. It’s truly amazing. I only wish I’d known about ActiPatch sooner.”Moira Tate


United Kingdom

“Excellent product, really works. Really bad pain and this is the best thing yet, hopefully I will be able to ease off other strong pain killing meds, morphine amongst others. ActiPatch really is worth a try, mine arrived a while back and I put it on my knee first, after 3 days I can climb stairs normally – something I haven’t been able to do for years, I can also walk unaided. I can’t tell you enough how over the moon I am!”Ruth Du Toit

United Kingdom

“All I can give is my own experience – I was on heavy medication for chronic back pain, sent for free ActiPatch sample and gained complete relief after a few hours. I am now using ActiPatch 8 hours per day and am now one month pain free. I wouldn’t have believed that this was possible but I am pain free.”Anne O’Connor



“I am a long term pain sufferer and also have fibromyalgia. I had a terrible pain for nearly 4 weeks in my lower back that was affecting my left hip and leg. It is much better after wearing ActiPatch all day. I also did some gardening, I could not have done it, if I HAD NOT HAD the ActiPatch as the pain was awful. I would definitely recommend ActiPatch.”Barb Arun

United Kingdom

“I have fibromyalgia and suffer with neck, shoulder and arm pain. ActiPatch is the best thing I’ve ever used. It has helped relieve my pain so much.”– Joanne Kilty United Kingdom

“Amazing. ActiPatch really does work. We got the free sample applied it and it works. My husband has three crushed vertebra, so you can imagine how pleased we are that his pain is being relieved.”– Kathy Strode Walton

Wells, Somerset, UK

“I have terrible back and leg pain with fibromyalgia. I am so happy with my ActiPatch back wrap as it helps me sleep so much better at night since I don’t get as much pain now at night.”– Mary Winters

United Kingdom

“I bought ActiPatch from Boots and have just completed 7 days at work at the age of 70. I am on my feet all day and for the first time in years have been more or less pain free. If this was put on prescription instead of referring people to physios the NHS would save a fortune.”

– Greta Halliday

United Kingdom