ActiPatch® Compared to IcyHot® Smart Relief™ TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) Technology for Pain Relief

Some of our shareholders have asked about how our products differ from the widely advertised product, IcyHot® Smart Relief™ Pain Relief TENS manufactured by the large European pharmaceutical Sanofi (33 billion annual sales).  This is very good news and illustrates a positive sign of the change in the industry approach to pain control.  A pharma company the size of Sanofi has realized both the market need and potential market size for drug-free pain relief.   However, their Icy Hot Smart relief products have some significant shortcomings compared to BioElectronics products.

The ActiPatch® and IcyHot® Smart Relief™ TENS technology provide different clinical applications. ActiPatch® repairs and regenerates damaged cells by reducing pain and inflammation and accelerating blood flow.  Whereas, TENS is only blocking pain signals and has no healing effect.

ActiPatch® Technology

Smart Relief™ TENS Technology


Pain Relief

Advanced Long-Lasting

Short Term Intermittent


Device can be adhered with adhesive or inserted in comfortable back or knee wrap

Apply electrodes on skin

Acceleration of Healing

Clinically proven to accelerate healing



ActiPatch® is 100% safe to use and has no side effects

TENS may cause skin irritation with long term use

Duration of Long-Lasting Treatment

24/7 continuous treatment for 720 hours of controlled use

Typical treatment period 20-30 min period



$34.95 for unit and approximately $30/month for replacements

Mechanism of Action

ActiPatch® repairs and regenerates damaged cells by reducing pain and inflammation and accelerating blood flow

TENS temporarily blocks pain signals by confusing nerve signals

We effectively compete with store brand TENS units in the UK. We’ve received a number of testimonials from UK customers saying that they found ActiPatch Therapy more effective and easier to use than TENS units.

We expect continued growth in sales as our satisfied customers continue to spread the word – supported by strategic advertising buys and public relations activities.

Real ActiPatch® Testimonials

Please visit to see other testimonials.

“I have sciatica, nerve damage and MS and ActiPatch really relieves my pain. ActiPatch is so much better than a TENS machine and far easier to use.”
Louise Perberdy
United Kingdom

“I have been using ActiPatch for over a month and it is fantastic! Much better than a TENS machine and easier to use, too! ActiPatch really works!”Gloria Loney London, UK

“I purchased the Muscle & Joint Pain ActiPatch and the Back Pain ActiPatch and have found them really helpful in my pain management. I suffer with osteoarthritis in my neck and lower spine, sciatica, I have nerve damage in my lower spine, prolapsed disc, degenerative bone disease, in fact just a lot of damage to my lower spine, Osteoarthritis in my knees and now hands and I also have Fibromyalgia. I walk with crutches, am on heavy medication and have a TENS machine from my Pain Management Physio. I have been using my ActiPatch on my lower back and the Muscle & Joint one on my neck as they are the most painful all the time. As I live with constant chronic pain, I will try anything to ease the pain and I have to say that I was skeptical when I first saw these little wire items, so light and small, how could they work? But I’ve been amazed that they have made a difference and now use them all the time as they really help! There is no pain and no sticky pads and electrodes and bulky power pack of the TENS machine. ActiPatch can be worn unobtrusively, they weigh virtually nothing and you can wear them ALL the time (obviously not in the shower/bath though!). To anyone that lives with pain, I’d really recommend trying these. Previously I was buying the Heat Wraps at £5 for 2 to help ease my back that last a day each. ActiPatch lasts 720 hours!! I’ll definitely be replacing mine when it runs out!”
Justyne Tabram
United Kingdom

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