Andy Whelan, President BioElectronics Updates Uptick Newswire “Stock Day” Listeners

Phoenix, AZ , Nov. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Uptick Newswire announces interview by host Everett Jolly of returning guest Andy Whelan President of BioElectronics Corp. (OTC: BIEL, the “Company”). Starting off the interview, Mr. Whelan presented an overview of the Company’s pain products, its domestic and international sales, and clinical trials status. The interview may be heard at

BioElectronics has US FDA market clearance for two wearable OTC neurological medical devices, significant international distributors, and a technology platform for a host of additional products. The current developed product line includes:

  • RecoveryRx® for Postoperative and Chronic Wounds,
  • Allay® Menstrual Pain Therapy,
  • Smart Insole™ for Heel Pain; and,
  • ActiPatch® Musculoskeletal Pain Therapy.

Our neurological disorder technology platform will produce without burdensome expense products for fibromyalgia, overactive bladder, diabetic neuropathy, chronic tinnitus,migraine headaches (clinical study currently being finalized) etc.

We are launching US sales through a leading wholesaler that distributes generic, brand, specialty, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products to over 10,000 retail independent and chain pharmacies, nursing homes, mail order pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and physician offices. Additionally, we expect to have product in at least one of the major drugstoresand several mini chains in 2018.

We will be promoting a money back guarantee on the 30-Day ActiPatch® Musculoskeletal Pain Therapy device by packaging it with the 7-Day Trial device. Try the 7-Day trial device and if you are not satisfied return the trial unit and get a full refund.

International sales are progressing well with a new distributor for Spain and Portugal, an expansion of PharmEvo,our Vietnam distributor, into Cambodia and Maldives. PharmEvo is also contracting for additional Southeast Asia territories of the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

In closing Andy stated, “We have an outstanding product line making BioElectronics a very substantial company without additional expense and debt.  We have a pipeline of products that we just pump out and make it a very substantial company without incurring additional expense and debt.”

About BioElectronics Corporation: A leader in noninvasive neuromodulation pain therapy and makes: ActiPatch® Therapy, over-the-counter treatment for back pain and other musculoskeletal complaints; Smart Insole™ for Heel Pain, RecoveryRx® Devices for chronic wounds and post-operative wound care; and Allay® Menstrual Pain Therapy. For clinical and more information, please visit

Source: Uptick Newswire

Paul Knopick