BioElectronics Announces Back Pain Clinical Study with Leading Australian Pain Center

Pulsed Shortwave Neuromodulation Therapy (ActiPatch®) Study in Chronic Lower Back Pain

FREDERICK, MD, March 08, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — BioElectronics Corporation (OTC PINK: BIEL) http://www.bielcorp.comis pleased to announce the commencement of a clinical study investigating the efficacy of ActiPatch in treating chronic lower back pain. The objectives of this additional back pain study are to support Mundipharma’s Australia and New Zealand sales and marketing, provide local economic data for product reimbursement, and to document ActiPatch’s effectiveness on central sensitization pain.

Chronic low back pain is very challenging to treat given its association with “central sensitization”, as sufferers experience exaggerated pain perception [2] and are often resistant to standard treatments. Sree Koneru, Ph.D., VP of Product Development at BioElectronics, said, “There is already real-world and clinical evidence that ActiPatch is effective in reducing back pain [3]. More than 30 million Americans are affected by chronic low back pain, collectively spending more than $90 billion annually in treatment costs [1]”.

The study will involve 142 subjects who have been suffering with low back pain for more than 3 months at the time of enrollment into the study, which is scheduled to take place over a 30-day period and involve two visits. During the first visit, baseline data about the subject, including pain intensity, functionality and sleep quality will be collected. They will then receive, randomly, either an active or sham ActiPatch device along with instructions on how to use it for the next 30-days. During the final follow up visit, additional data will be collected to evaluate improvements in pain and other outcome measures. Full details about the study can be found at the NIH’s clinical trials listing page (, as well as the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (

The study is being conducted by the Pain Management Center of the prestigious Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Australia. The principal investigator (PI) leading the study is Graeme Campbell, a physiotherapist, supported by his team of physicians and clinical researchers.

Dr. Sree Koneru, Ph.D. is presenting at the Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference & Trade Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia from March 7th, 2019 to March 10th, 2019, “Electroceuticals – effective non-pharmacological treatments as part of multimodal pain management.”


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