BioElectronics Company Update July 7, 2016

BioElectronics Expands Pulsed Shortwave Technology

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dr. Sree Koneru, our Director of Electroceutical Research working at the Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center, New York State University, Binghamton, New York,  has made significant advances in our understanding and development of pulsed shortwave technology. A series of experiments using a unique testing device developed by John Martinez, Director of Electrical Engineering, were conducted on humans that demonstrated a measurable physiological response.  The research establishes the parameters for improvements in the current ActiPatch® device, and to initiate the development of our extra strength device for postoperative and chronic would care applications. The next steps in the development process will be a series of clinical evaluation studies to determine efficacy.

Pending FDA Market Clearance for Over-the-Counter Sales

We met with the FDA on May 24, 2016, after having formally replied to their initial questions, and presented them with an explanation for the Mechanism of Action with supporting physiological test evidence that documents the nervous systems response.  One June 24th, we received some additional questions.  We expect to have our last set of responses submitted before our next meeting on July 20th.

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