Bioelectronics Compay Update April 7, 2016

BioElectronics Wins “Best OTC Marketing Campaign on a Small Budget”

The OTC Bulletin, the leading global trade publication for over-the-counter healthcare products, has chosen ActiPatch® Musculoskeletal Chronic Pain Relief Therapy as the winner for the “Best OTC Marketing Campaign on a Small Budget” award.

A panel of six independent over-the-counter marketing experts evaluated the seven nominees from some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. While making its commendation the award judges said, “Faced with getting the maximum impact from an annual marketing budget of less than £0.5 million ($700,000 US), BioElectronics rose to the challenge to support its ActiPatch Pain Relief Therapy medical device. I particularly like ActiPatch’s sensible approach to trial pricing through the ‘Try & Tell’ mechanism, knowing that there was a strong repeat rate after trial. This programme enabled a strong consumer insight on efficacy to be turned into good growth. The seven-day trial patches give consumers the opportunity to feel the benefit of ActiPatch without a large outlay before they have been convinced it works.” BioElectronics was top entrant in the category with 43 points to Merck Consumer Health 36.

The complete details on the award winners are available in the 2016 OTC Awards Supplement

BioElectronics Drug-free Chronic Pain Therapy Observation Study Results

61% Pain Reduction & Decreases Medication Use in 86% (including opioids)

A completion of a 6-month ActiPatch product observation study conducted in conjunction with its ongoing market research was conducted to measure the medical device’s pain relief durability, its reduction of pain medication use, including prescription narcotic drugs, and its impact on the user’s quality of life.

Out of the 254 chronic pain sufferers that participated, 224 completed the full 6-month study.

The key findings:

  • Side effects: None reported
  • Treatment durability: Over 90% of the participants reported continued relief averaging a 61% reduction in pain even after six months.
  • Improved quality of life: 90% reported improved sleep, 89% reported greater physical activity and 71% reported their quality of life was much better to a great deal better.
  • Decreased medication use: 86% reported a decrease in medication use that continued to improve over time. Most importantly, this decrease included prescription narcotic based drugs.
  • Decreased adverse events from medication use: 68% were experiencing adverse side effects, of these 71% reported a reduction in adverse side effects.
  • Healthcare savings: 65% spent less on pain therapies and 65% reported fewer visits to the Doctor and Pain Specialist.

The study has been accepted and will be presented at the British Pain Society annual scientific meeting being held from May 10-12 in Harrogate, UK The Company will also be exhibiting at the Congress: Booth #42.

BioElectronics Appoints Evomed as Australian and New Zealand Distributor

BioElectronics Corporation has appointed Evomed ( as the distributor for ActiPatch® Musculoskeletal Pain Relief Therapy, Allay® Menstrual Pain Relief Therapy and Smart Insole™ Heel Pain Relief Therapy in Australia and New Zealand.

Evomed specializes in the marketing and distribution of new and innovative healthcare products to both the hospital and retail pharmacy markets.

“We understand, specialize, and are committed to providing new and innovative medical solutions for pain relief.” said Rob Gourlay, Director of Sales and Marketing at Evomed. “ActiPatch is an award winning proven performer in overseas markets and we are excited to make it available to the Australian consumer.”

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