BioElectronics’ UK ActiPatch® Pain Therapy Market Expands Into 1,077 Lloyds Pharmacies and 60 Gordons Chemist

FREDERICK, MD. October 20, 2015 — BioElectronics Corporation (OTC Pink: BIEL), the maker of advanced consumer pain management medical devices, today announced that it has received initial orders for its ActiPatch® Musculoskeletal Pain Relief products for 1,077 Lloyd’s pharmacies, the second largest chain in the UK, and Gordons Chemist. ActiPatch will be on promotion in Lloyd’s stores and online beginning November 1.

“The product placement and initial orders to stock these pharmacies are a substantial gain, but even more important long-term is the opportunity to work with the pharmacist to provide one-to-one consultation for chronic pain sufferers on the unique benefits and safety of ActiPatch” said Ben Fichter, Marketing Manager. “This is a great way to help patients discover how drug-free ActiPatch Therapy can help them manage their pain and restore daily activities while minimizing drug dependency.”

About Lloyds Pharmacy
Lloyds Pharmacy ( has more than 1,500 pharmacies across the UK. These are based predominantly in community and health centre locations. The company employs over 17,000 staff and dispenses over 150 million prescription items annually. Lloyds Pharmacy is a subsidiary of the German- based company, Celesio AG. Celesio is a leading international wholesale and retail company and provider of logistics and services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Celesio proactive and preventive approach ensures that patients receive the products and support that they require for optimum care.

About Gordons Chemist
Gordons Chemists ( began as a single pharmacy more than 30 years. Today, they have more than 60 pharmacies on the high street and in shopping centres across Northern Ireland and Scotland, with a number of branches also in Scotland. Gordons Chemists prides itself on providing a friendly, efficient and highly professional service and on offering great value on the very best products.

About BioElectronics Corporation
BioElectronics Corporation is the maker of a leading family of affordable, disposable, drug-free, anti-inflammatory medical devices. ActiPatch® Therapy, over-the-counter treatment for back pain and other musculoskeletal complaints; RecoveryRx® Devices for chronic and post-operative wound care; HealFast® Therapy and the Allay® Menstrual Pain Therapy.

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