Chronic Pain Sufferers Confirm BioElectronics’ ActiPatch® Therapy Provides Life Changing Pain Relief

FREDERICK, MD, USA, October 27, 2014 — BioElectronics Corporation (OTC Pink: BIEL), the maker of advanced drug-free consumer medical devices, today released updated results of its “Try It and Tell Us” 7-day ActiPatch sample program for United Kingdom and Ireland residents who were surveyed about their experience. The data now includes responses from 856 consumers suffering from chronic pain caused by a number of musculoskeletal conditions.

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Our surveys show most chronic pain relief sufferers have very high baseline pain levels underscoring the urgent need for new effective and drug-free pain therapies. “By expanding the number of participants evaluating ActiPatch Therapy we have been able to demonstrate favorable responses in more common causes of chronic pain including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, post-surgical chronic pain and neuropathic pain. As well as analyzing the data by location including, chronic back, knee, hip and shoulder pain.” said Ian Rawe, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Research at BioElectronics Corporation.

“While survey data has its limitation we have worked to validate the results in a number of ways including a targeted survey to a fibromyalgia support group, and non-response bias testing. Consequently we believe that the survey results are a good representation of the effectiveness of ActiPatch Therapy for chronic pain. This conclusion is bolstered by the number of positive testimonials and high level of interest in the UK ActiPatch Therapy Facebook page which has posted 12,000 ‘likes”.

Efficacy rates and pain reduction for those who reported efficacy by specific disease and location were:

  • Chronic pain efficacy rate was 76% with a 4.35 VAS (visual analogue scale) (51%) pain reduction
  • Osteoarthritis efficacy rate was 80% with a 4.49 VAS (52%) pain reduction
  • Rheumatoid arthritis efficacy rate was 80% with a 4.50 VAS (50%) pain reduction
  • Fibromyalgia efficacy rate was 75% with a 4.07 VAS point (47%) reduction
  • Chronic post surgery pain efficacy rate was 76% with a 4.19 VAS point (48%) reduction
  • Neuropathy pain efficacy rate was 69% with a 4.55 VAS point (53%) reduction
  • Chronic back pain efficacy rate was 76% with a 4.26 VAS point (50%) reduction
  • Chronic Knee pain efficacy rate was 80% with a 4.84 VAS point (58%) reduction
  • Chronic shoulder pain efficacy rate was 80% with a 4.32 VAS point (51%) reduction
  • Chronic hip pain efficacy rate was 82% with a 4.40 VAS point (51%) reduction


ActiPatch Therapy devices are readily available over-the-counter outside of the US, for approximately $30.00, retail or $0.04 per hour of therapy.


About BioElectronics Corporation

BioElectronics Corporation is a leader in bioelectronics and the maker of a family of disposable, drug-free, medical devices: ActiPatch® Therapy, over-the-counter treatment for back pain and other musculoskeletal complaints; RecoveryRx® Devices for chronic and post-operative wound care; Allay® Menstrual Pain Therapy; and HealFast® Therapy for dogs, cats and horses. For more information, please visit



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