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BioElectronics Pain Relief Investor SymbolPain is not a Druggable Disease

Chronic pain affects approximately 1.5 billion people globally – more than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Chronic pain costs $700 billion annually in the US and Europe. BioElectronics product line of drug-free pain relievers meets these needs and is ready to seize this global opportunity.

Several large pharmaceutical companies like Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and Sanofi are recognizing both the limitations of drug-only therapy and the potential of bioelectronics devices to relieve pain without side effects and have recently introduced their own bioelectronic research products and programs. The promise of bioelectronics healing is being recognized by physicians, patients and major health care companies.

The body is regulated, at least in part, by electrical signals that travel along nerves. Bioelectroceutical™ devices modify these nerve signals and provide pain relief by stimulating sensor neurons. They simultaneously increase blood flow and reduce inflammation which helps restore injured tissue to a healthy state. The company’s patented Bioelectroceutical technology is unique in the market and has enormous potential for new products and applications to treat additional conditions generating growth for the future. BioElectronics Corporation with more than a decade of market experience and proven products is ideally positioned to profit from this market shift.

The Right Products: Today and Tomorrow

BioElectronics Pain Relief ProductsBioElectronics has a strong proven product line with both retail and professional medical sales lines.

Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Professional Markets:

  • RecoveryRx® – product that is optimized for post-surgical and wound healing applications.
  • HealFast® Therapy – product line for veterinary applications for horses and pets.

Direct to Consumer Retail Markets:

  • ActiPatch® – Relieves both chronic and acute musculoskeletal back, knee, shoulder, neck and other joint pain and effectively treats sprains, strains and other injuries.
  • Allay® – Alleviates the pain and discomfort associated with menstrual cycles.
  • Smart Insole™ – Treats plantar fasciitis (heel pain)


ActiPatch Sample Survey Chart 2014Retail Sales Success Story

Try It +Tell – a Sampling Model Designed for Profit and Sustained Sales. The bane of new product introduction is the high cost of customer acquisition. It is not uncommon for marketers to spend many hundreds of dollars per customer. This is especially true of radically new products that require professional and consumer education.

While teaching consumers and medical professionals about its technology during its development stage, BioElectronics has built a strong and loyal following. In addition it has innovated a social media sampling program that is driving great interest and sales.

“Try It +Tell” social media program in the United Kingdom has attracted thousands of followers for a very low cost of acquisition. The company’s Facebook- based program ( offers U.K. and Irish consumers free trial devices, delivering a week of therapy, and then surveys them about their experience including self-reported pain personal experience.

For first-hand testimonials from the consumers visit the testimonial page on the ActiPatch Facebook site ( Consumers acceptance has been overwhelming under the program and they are planning to buy it and tell friends about it. The word of mouth promised long-term sustainable sales growth. Most consumers who tried the product found that it reduced their pain and said they are planning to buy it. Management expects the success of the Boots retail program will help support placing the product in more retail outlets around the world.

Revenue Growth Fueled by both Geographic Expansion and New Indications

Strong Multi-dimensional Growth Opportunity

BioElectronics revenue growth strategy has two major dimensions geographic expansion into new global markets and additional post-operative and chronic wound care products and medications.

Ongoing clinical research will enable treatment of new indications and open new markets:

  • 7 Published Studies and the results of an Osteoarthritis of Knee pending;
  • Tufts Dental and Medical Schools (3rd Molar Extraction, Pain & Edema, Myofascial Pain, and Chronic Wounds);
  • Aarhus Univ. Hospital, Denmark (Venous Ulcer Wound Healing);
  • Univ. Hospital Ghent, Belgium (Bilateral Hernia Surgical Recovery);
  • Univ. Hospital G. Martin, Messina, Italy (Osteoarthritis)


The Winning BioElectronics Corporation Team

Dee Head ShotDr. Deepak Kotak, New EVP Adds Medical Expertise, Entrepreneurial

Experience and Global Vision

Dr. Deepak Kotak MA (Oxford), MBBS, FRCA, MRCP, LLDip, LLM. Dr. Kotak joined the company in March 2014 and brought a broad medical background and perspective as a specialist in intensive care medicine, anaesthesia and trauma. Dr. Kotak has been Chief Medical Officer of TraumaTec, a Houston medical device company as well as a consultant to the Boss Group and Blackstone Valley Group, two private equity firms.

Dr. Kotak has also practiced for four years as a civil lawyer. He has a particular interest in therapeutic vaccines for cancer and chronic infectious diseases. Dr. Kotak received his undergraduate degree from Oxford University and MB BS from the University of London.

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