BioElectronics Announces Oxford University Sponsored Study

ActiPatch® Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain

FREDERICK, MD. Dec 14, 2015 — BioElectronics Corporation (OTC Pink: BIEL), the maker of advanced consumer medical devices, today announced that Oxford University is sponsoring a clinical trial on chronic lower back pain using ActiPatch® Therapy. Chronic low back pain is a major health problem and has significant associated healthcare costs, accounting for more than £12 billion in direct and indirect costs every year in the United Kingdom [1].

Whereas acute pain is triggered in the nervous system to alert you to the need to take care of yourself. In chronic pain, the signals keep firing after the trauma has passed. Current chronic pain treatment options are limited. ActiPatch® is a non-invasive electromagnetic stimulation device, which delivers low energy radio frequency pulses. The resulting sub-sensory nerve stimulation reduces chronic pain through neuromodulation.

The Oxford University sponsored ActiPatch study is a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled crossover trial to assess the efficacy of ActiPatch for chronic back pain. The study will recruit 30 individuals with chronic back pain at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital. Each subject will undergo 2 weeks of active therapy or two weeks of placebo therapy. After a 1 week break the treatment will be reversed, therefore all subjects will receive active therapy and also act as their own controls.

The principal investigator leading the study is Professor Tipu Aziz, the head and founder of Oxford functional neurosurgery. He is the author of over 200 scientific publications and in 2013 was elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

“The use of ActiPatch® Therapy by chronic pain sufferers is expanding rapidly in the UK giving a safe drug free and economical alternative therapy for people to manage their chronic pain,” said Ian Rawe, Ph.D., Director, Clinical Research at BioElectronics. “It is very encouraging that an institute of the caliber of the Oxford University is sponsoring a clinical trial to demonstrate the efficacy of ActiPatch® Therapy for chronic back pain. Clearly a positive demonstration of efficacy for chronic back pain back will have major implications.”

1. Maniadakis N, Gray A. The economic burden of back pain in the UK. Pain 84(1), 95–103

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